All orders are processed Monday-Friday and once they are shipped customers will receive a shipping conformation email with a tracking number. Once shipped, domestic ordesr typically take 2-4 days and international order typically take 2-4 weeks to arrive. Win Your Moment charges roughly the current USPS going rate based on the destination and products ordered for all orders in the United States. Additional fees may be charged for international shipments based on the current standard international shipping rates. No customs fees will be payed by Win Your Moment. All shipments whether domestic or international are delivered in a signature Win Your Moment packaging.


Win Your Moment accepts returns for all products sold through the following processes described. If you find something wrong with your product upon arrival, then a product malfunction claim can be filed and sent to customer service via email to the email listed below.

 If your claim is validated, Win Your Moment will make amends for the faulty product and email back with instructions for reimbursement. We quality check each item before it is shipped but we understand human error can occur.

If you have simply just changed your mind about the product and would like to return or exchange it, email the customer service email listed above and we will email you back with instructions on how to get reimbursed and complete the return shipping process. Currently, Win Your Moment is able to provide free shipping labels for returns domestically, however internationally shipping fees necessary to complete the return process will not be paid by us and if they are not paid before hand we can not issue an international return.