Bahamas Part II: Family Time + Adventure = Great Trip

Alright, this is a continuation of the previous Bahamas article, if you haven't read it yet, click here! While the previous article was more focused on fishing, this trip had so much more to offer the family. I just wanted to touch base on some of those highlights. The 100 acre island at Kamalame Cay, I thought offered something for everybody. If you do some research you'll find out about the awards they've won, after being there, they are well deserved. 


An adventure in it's own right. We were coming from the state of Washington, geographically the Bahamas is not your nearest tropical vacation. I'll say the flights were pretty good getting there. We flew direct to Minneapolis --------> Atlanta --------> Nassau. In total about 11 hours of travel time to get to Nassau. We overnighted in Nassau, and from there, over to Kamalame! This was a big trip for us, so we made a few decisions that were outside the normal travel budget. The SEAPLANE, what a cool way to get to the resort. My first time in a small plane, and most others on the trip. It was a perfect day to fly and we saw the big blue sea, the island of Nassau, finally coming into Kamalame Cay, and landing on the water. It's one of those things you can find hard to justify, but in the end was well worth the experience. 


The Pilots fly us to the Cay, wearing flip flops, they had "island life" figured out


We made it, all the way from the Pacific Northwest. Now when you travel that amount of distance somewhere new, there are going to be some certain uncertainties. What are the people like? How is the food? Will the island be safe enough for the kids to run around? In short, the answer is, YES. 

I want to lead off by saying the local Bahamian people were some of the friendliest I've been around. They were genuine, funny, happy, and so much fun. I'm not just talking about the few people at the resort where it's their job to keep people happy. I'm talking about everybody, from the girls that did our housekeeping, the restaurant staff, our lady captain who brought us snorkeling and reef fishing, and even the manager of the restaurant went out of his way to get to know us. Everybody was smiling, and that was so refreshing to see. Happiness is something that's hard to train or teach, and I don't believe it can be faked. Everybody seemed happy, and that made all the difference.   

Side note: typical weather during our trip in the first week of April, mid 80's during the day cooling into the mid 60's at night. The evening breeze was so nice we slept with windows always open. 


I like to think the resort had a little something for everybody, but I don't believe that to be true looking back. This is the kind of place you go to relax and entertain yourself, different than some of the large resorts where there's a lot more entertainment options i.e. shows, classes, you get it. For some people they want to be entertained, and that's ok! When I go on vacation I want to relax and run on my own schedule. Kamalame Cay was just that. Plenty to do if you were looking for it, and nobody was going to bother you if you just wanted to relax on the beach. 

The beaches were beautiful. Swimming was friendly, you could swim in the ocean with no worries of tides, or poking your foot on a rocky bottom. Everything was sandy, and nice looking beach.

Typical daily activities included

  • Paddleboarding
  • Cruising the island golf carts - exploring
  • Spa time
  • Swimming pool time
  • Beach time
  • Tennis
  • Fishing
  • Snorkeling
  • We also had 3 photographers in the group that had plenty of great shots 


In summary I just want to say a few things. Today's day and age everybody wants to give their feedback via avenues like yelp, amazon, and other social media platforms. It seems like the masses either love it or hate it. I want to do my best to give an honest review in hopes that if you're reading this and ever plan a trip, you know what to expect. 

What we were hoping for, this trip exceeded our expectations. I did a lot of research leading up to booking our trip, and they didn't disappoint. Kamalame Cay is a perfect spot to help blend relaxation, adventuring, great food, genuine staff, and what I would consider to be "island life", not too busy. I think their maximum capacity on the Cay is near 75 guests. The main thing that would deter me from recommending this resort to somebody is if they wanted to vacation somewhere busy, with many entertainment options. Like the Atlantis in Nassau, a great resort in its own right, but just designed with more entertainment in mind, lots going on. 

Would we go back? The answer is, yes. 

If we can help answer any questions you may have about planning a trip to the Bahamas feel free to send us an email,

Until next time, get outside, make a memory, they last longer!