WIN Outdoors - Sharing our passion with you, and building a positive outdoor community

Our first post to a new web site, WOW. It's got me thinking back to how our outdoor adventures have evolved to this. Let me give you a brief back story and we'll get into our plans to have a positive impact on the hunting/fishing/outdoor community(s). 

Without diving into too much detail on our background, we all share a passion for the outdoors. Thinking through what really brought this website to a finished product is the idea of "helping people". Our goal is to shorten the learning curve on your outdoor adventures. Social Media has really changed our world today, but one the greatest things we've realized is that there are a lot of really smart and passionate people out there in the outdoor world. We want to bring both beginners and the sage old mountain people together to share a common pursuit, "love of the outdoors". That love of the outdoors has also fostered a secondary passion, that we would call living in a sustainable manner. That can mean a lot of things to different people, but to us, it means valuing our outdoor resources, harvesting our own meat, and taking actions that will allow us, and the future generations to enjoy the outdoors for many years to come. Things like teaching skills to the future generations, being stewards of the land, and honoring the people that brought this community to where it is today are all values we want to share. 

You'll notice the phrase "WIN YOUR MOMENT" in our content. Basically to us, that means, being prepared for that moment of a life time you experience in the outdoors. Whether that be the opportunity to harvest the elk of a lifetime, going on that camping adventure you'll never forget, or spending that much appreciated family time we get by disconnecting from the day-to-day and being together. These are all VALUABLE memories that we want to help create and share. 

Feel free to reach out to us, and interact with us on social media, after all this web site is founded on the principle that we're creating a positive outdoor community!