Frequently Asked Questions

Can I choose my number that I get on my product or products for an order?

Only when you pre-order a product! When in the check out process of a pre-order, tell us in the message box the number you would like! Otherwise, numbers are selected at random from existing inventory.

When is the next line going to be produced?

New product line release dates will be communicated through Instagram and the website itself. Currently, Line 2 will be released in September.

What materials are your clothing made from?

The exact percentages of clothing material are provided in the product details section of almost all products. The majority of our products have a soft cotton base.

Where are your clothes made?

Our clothing is manufactored domestically in Souderton, Pennsylvania and is designed in Palo Alto, California.

What are the dimensions of the sizes for each of the products?

The product size dimensions are listed in the product details section of each respective product. Otherwise the majority of products have a standord fit that is true to size.

What type of currency is accepted for international orders?

Strictly USD is accepted for all orders, both domestic and international.

How do I open my Win Your Moment box?

To open all Win Your Moment boxes, pull up the corner side tabs when the "Manufactured in the United States of America" side is facing you. From there the top will flip off easily.

Can I return if it doesnt fit?

Yes! We accept returns, please check our return section policy listed in our website.